About DH Geda Blanket

Establishment of the factory
DH Geda Blanket Factory, established in 2002 in the town of Akaki some 20 km east of Addis Ababa with 180 employees, produces over 4,000 pieces of quality blankets daily.
Brief highlight of the factory
DH Geda Blanket has been providing comfort and warmth for over 6 years. Specializing in warm and high quality yarn blankets in Ethiopia, DH Geda Blanket Factory is a one of the leading

DH GEDA Blanket Factory Ethiopia
Above : DH Geda's Blanket Factory ,Dukem City (30 kms from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

manufacturers of institution blankets, military and relief blankets. The factory employs hi-tech machinery and committed personnel to meet the demand promptly. Using only the finest raw material, DH Geda Blanket Factory is capable of turning out quality products every time. DH Geda serves its social responsibility by producing a variety of blankets to meet the demand of a broader population. We offer a variety of products in a wide range of colors, sizes and other specifications.
Vision statement
DH Geda Blanket Factory strives to be the number one blanket provider in the country and seeks to tap into the horn of Africa blanket market to effectively and efficiently supply premium items with competitive pricing strategy.

  • Providing quality products to customers with affordable price.
  • Supplying various blankets with different quality parameters, sizes, weights and designs to expand market size.

Factory Values



Technology used in the factory
DH GEDA Blanket Factory is equipped with production, utility auxiliary machinery and equipment required to operate an integrated textile mill suitable for blanket production with three integral parts that include wrappings, Weaving & Finishing.
Product Definition:
Acrylic Weft
Cotton Warp


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